Download WordPress on Any Computer With Just a Few Clicks Only

download wordpress and install it in 5 minutes

Download WordPress on Any Computer

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Today we are discussing How to download WordPress and install it on any computer within just a few minutes.

Let’s digging about WordPress download and installation.

There are three ways to Download WordPress and Install it on any computer within a few moments.

  1. Install WordPress on the managed host.
  2. By Installing on Local Computer.
  3. Using your own server to install WordPress.

Download WordPress and Install It on the managed host

Among these three ways, we recommended this way to Download WordPress and install it on your computer.because it is the fastest way to install it within 5 minutes. No matter which type of website are you making. Just install it and share your website with the world and boost your business.

We recommended this because of the following reason

  1. It’s fast and secure.
  2. 24/7 Backup facility.
  3. Keep up to date software and plugins in WordPress.
  4. Dealing with sudden traffic on your website easily.

Download WordPress Here!

Why did we recommend Hostinger for Hosting?

It is integrated with WordPress and we can install WordPress within few clicks easily. It is a cheap, fast, and secure server and best server for WordPress.

Here you can check the Hostinger details.

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Download and Installing WordPress on Local Computer

The installation of WordPress on Local Computer is quite easy. You have to create an environment for installing WordPress on a local computer. Generally, there are three major steps for Installing mentioned below.

  1. Create an environment on any localhost.
  2. Download WordPress from here.
  3. Install it on that localhost.

Now, we are looking into the first option to create an environment. So, you can choose any one localhost environment like MAMP, XAMPP, and Desktop server. Here we are taking an example of XAMPP.

How to install and download XAMPP

  1. Download XAMPP and install it.
  2. Now after installing Start the module and run the database.
  3. Install WordPress on localhost. That’s It!

Using Your Own Server to Install WordPress

In this method, if your company has your own server then you can install it on your own server without any difficulty. You have to follow some steps which I mentioned above the difference only is instead of XAMPP you have to select your own host server.

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