How to crack NICMAR entrance exam and interview

Today I am going to tell you about to How to crack NICMAR exam and it’s interview for getting admission.

So, Guys, first of all, I want to tell you about NICMAR institute. It is a National Institute Of Construction Management And Research. and it is a good institute for construction management study after B.E or Civil engineering.there are four different programmes for civil engineering as below.

  1. Advanced Construction Management
  2. Project Engineering and Management
  3. Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Management
  4. Infrastructure Finance, Development, and Management

There are four campuses of NICMAR Institute as below.

  1. Pune
  2. Goa
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Delhi NCR
  5. Mumbai

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Now let’s talk about entrance exam and personal interview.

For crack entrance exam, you have to prepare the following topics wisely and seriously listed as below.



i. NICMAR Common Admission Test(NCAT)

150 marks
a) Quantitative and Analytical Ability 60 marks
b) Data Interpretation 30 marks
c) Verbal and General Ability 60 marks

 OR, Candidate may also submit valid CAT / GATE / GMAT / CMAT scores secured after January 01, 2017.

ii. Personal Interview (PI)

50 marks

iii. Rating of Application (RA)

50 marks

For NCAT test you can refer this book for quantitative and verbal, non-verbal aptitude for crack the exam.

A Modern Way To Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
R.S Agrawal Quantitative Aptitude PDF Book

Here I share my personal experience of facing interview at nicmar, so for cracking interview, you have to do following things.

  1. Be calm or relax, don’t afraid of facing an interview.
  2. Introduce your self as a creative person like to mention yourself in creative activity or things which are you do at your university.
  3. Prepare the basics of civil engineering questions like as below.

Question List:

  1. draw simply supported beam shear force and bending moment diagrams.
  2. draw sagging and hogging diagrams.
  3. what is buckling?
  4. what is project management? and if you give one site to handle it and complete it on time then what you do for completing the project.
  5. what is the process of concreting?
  6. explain the concrete curing process.
  7. basics of concrete and steel properties.
  8. types of cement and concrete grade.
  9. types of steel grades and which one is better for ductility.
  10. earthquake basics questions.
  11. why you want to join NICMAR. (Good Answer: For better future and career)

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