Aptitude For Competitive Exam

Aptitude For Competitive Exam

aptitude for competitive exam

Hello, friends welcome back in our education portal. In this article, I am going to tell you which Aptitude topics are most important for your government and interview exam. so stay tuned to this article. also, I am uploading one Article of R S Agrawal Aptitude Book which is going to help you to solve many aptitude questions as possible. my request is to check that article and download the PDF of that book and do practice as much as possible because that will be your success. and your success is our main aim.

Aptitude is the most important exam section because it checks our knowledge and ability of our mental capacity and based on that examiners are evaluating our capacity for job or post. It is a decision making skill which is required in any company either in private or was the government. so this test is taken in all examinations.

Today I’m gonna upload Aptitude PPT for your competitive exams which cover the following topics.

  1. Venn diagram
  2. Venn diagram question
  3. Average problems
  4. Speed and distance
  5. Pipe and cistern
  6. Ratio
  7. Percentage
  8. Permutations and combination
  9. Boat and stream
  10. Simple interest
  11. Compound interest

Venn diagram is the most important topic for maths reasoning so you should practice more of that topic. and also it contains more weightage in any government exam.

Second another important topic is Simple Intrest and Compound Intrest which is mostly asked in any exam. one question is always in any paper, so don’t skip that topic.

The third most important topic is the Percentage and ratio. this topic measure ability of calculation and that topic also ask always in any exam. always two questions were asked in all previous papers so please don’t skip this topic.

So we covered major three topics is Ratio and Percentage second is Simple and Compound Intrest and third is Venn diagram questions.  These three are Most IMP questions for any Competitive exam as well as the interview.

In this PDF mentioned topic are most usable and important in any government, interview exam. I personally refer to this PDF and crack the Nicmaar Interview easily without any worry. so you can also crack any interview by mastering these topics. because I am telling the third time that is the most necessary topic to cover in your study without any skipping any content.

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Some tips and tricks are also mentioned in the PDF so you can solve any example in one minute only. so you have to remember that all tips and tricks for cracking any exam.

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Click below to download all Aptitude PPT

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