What is Artificial Intelligence

What is AI:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

It is a program that is designed by human and it acts like a human, work as like human mind and make a decision like a human. AI thinks like humans and gives an optimal output.

Problems in AI:

  • Lack of technical knowledge: There is some lack of technical knowledge while developing AI-based software.
  • Costly to implement: It is very costly while implementing AI because we have to hire an expert developer for it.
  • Lack of computation speed: It needs high computation speed for calculation and for performing the tasks.
  • The threat to Safety: AI systems can become so mighty than humans that could be very difficult to stop from achieving their goals.
  • Unemployment: It is a major problem when we implement AI and men become Jobless if AI is implemented in all the fields.
  • Machines have no feelings. machine do the things which are in algorithms machines don’t understand the situation of humans.

Application of AI:

  • Data Security: Cybersecurity companies are teaching AI systems to detect viruses and malware by using complex algorithms so AI can then run pattern recognition in software.
  • Gaming: In-game it is used like cricket game we play which short is played by the user for handling that short and many other things like balling strategy, speed of balling, etc. (Game: WCC3)
  • Education: It is very useful in the education sector like automate admin tasks, Universal access for all students, Tutoring, and support outside the classroom, etc.
  • Entertainment: AI is used in the entertainment industry like Marketing and Advertising, Personalization of User Experience, Search optimization, etc.
  • E-commerce: For tracking which things customers required and explanation of the product very effectively. For reaching more customers using AI.
  • Robotics: It is useful for robotics because of designing of the algorithms is mainly part of robotics, we can make algorithms which is run as AI and work as a human.
  • Social Media: For detecting spam and harassment while chatting with an unknown person on social media.
  • Healthcare: It’s being used to discover links between genetic codes, to power surgical robots or even to maximize hospital efficiency, AI has been a boon to the healthcare industry.
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